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FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation Tackles Challenges of Global Real Estate Industry and Economy During Its’ 63rd World Congress St. Petersburg, Russia


FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation Tackles Challenges of Global Real Estate Industry and Economy During Its’ 63rd World Congress St. Petersburg, Russia

Official website of the 63 FIABCI World Congress, 16.05.2012

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation Tackles Challenges of Global Real Estate Industry and Economy During Its’ 63rd World Congress St. Petersburg, RussiaMany of the world’s business leaders gathered to take part in the FIABCI World Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most esteemed international meetings taking place during 2012. The international event features an exciting program filled with information pertaining to real estate. The event is designed to provide numerous opportunities for business development and networking with participants attending throughout the world. Several world-renowned experts and entrepreneurs as well as internationally recognized business experts from the global real estate and development industries will that part in the professional program and share new ideas for real estate development in the different regions throughout the world. Panelists will contribute significantly to discussions about the global real estate economic health and future.

Business forums and roundtables are scheduled throughout the program are focusing on the theme “Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Modern Metropolis.” These forums and programs are focused on forecast for economic growth, global and community revitalization and strategic planning in order to move the real estate industry forward to meet the challenges facing the world real estate markets today. Topics and presenters included:

Keynote Program Title: Property and Political Rights: The Way Forward

— By Economist Hernando de Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy

FORUM 1: Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Modern Metropolis

— Moderated by Alexander Romanenko, FIABCI World President

Topics will include:

  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Modern Metropolis — Igor Metelsky, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The Challenges of the Modern Metropolis — Mario Apolstolov, Regional Advisor, UNECE Trade and Sustainable Land Management Division
  • Solving the Problem of Preservation of Cultural Heritage in St. Petersburg — Viktor Smirnov, President of the Group of Companies “Intarsia”
  • Complex Approach to the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage — Laszlo Gonczi, FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Committee President

FORUM 2: Global Real Estate Markets and Finance

— Moderated by Julian Josephs, FIABCI Past President

Topics will include:

  • Sweet City Taichung. Low Carbon Makes Wise Investment — Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung, Taiwan
  • Emerging Trends in European Real Estate. What are the Top Spots, Where is Russia? — Holger Muller, Real Estate Leader at PricewarerhouseCoopers Russia B.V.
  • Real Estate Bubbles and Causes of the Crisis — Alfons Metzger, FIABCI Past President, Founder of MRG Realitaten Beratungs und Bewertungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Real Estate Markets and a Sustainable Economy — Michael Milligan, Economic Affairs Officer, Housing and Land Management Unit, UN Economic Commission for Europe

FORUM 3: Marketing and New Technologies in the International Real Estate Market

— Moderated by Judy Shenefield, FIABCI World President-Elect

Topics will include:

  • Notes, Chords, Octaves: Technology, the Universal Music — Ronald Phipps, 2012 Immediate Past President of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)
  • Proxio-Pro – the Bto B Listing and Networking Solutions for FIABCI Members — Robert Spicer, Executive Vice President, Global Development, Proxio, Inc.
  • Effective Technology Tools to Grow Your Real Estate Business — John Mayfield, Real Estate Technology Expert

In addition to the program listed above, Roundtable Program topics will include “Analysis and New Tendencies on International Real Estate Markets & Second Homes” and “Rental Social Housing.” In addition, several forums for Developers, Brokers, Managers and Experts are organized focusing on topics relevant to those specific areas.

“We have a fascinating opportunity to dialogue with a cross section of people with expertise in a diverse range of areas including business, industry, technology and housing,” explained FIABC World Congress President Alexander Romanenko.

Viktor Smirnov, President of INTARSIA Group of Companies sees the FIABCI World Congress as “a great opportunity for all of us to take some time to hear what others see as the future of real estate and for each of us to share our thoughts with others involved in business and industry throughout the world. The Congress topic ‘Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Modern Metropolis’ is extremely relevant for St. Petersburg and will serve as an effective platform for business leaders in attendance to share experiences.”

The World Congress also includes outstanding international activities as well as recreational and study tours including Study Tours to the Central Naval Museum following its renovation and to Etalon Group’s ready built and construction projects.

The Congress is supported by the government of St. Petersburg, Russia. Among the many sponsors of the event Intarsia Group of Companies; Etalon Group of Companies; the holding-company Miel; ADVECS Real Estate Corporation and GC "Bulletin of Real Estate" Inc.

Source: www.eng.fiabci63.com

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